Should your business be using Google Adwords?

No matter what you sell, be it a product or a service, the chances are potential customers are searching for it on Google.

As of September 2018, Google has a 96.67% share of the search engine market compared to bing which has 1.97%.

Now take into account also that Google makes 96% of its revenue through advertising and you can see that Google has invested in putting advertised listings ahead or organic search results (as long as they are relevant).

With this in mind there has been a shift to showing more ad placements at the top of page one. Often up to four ad placements show, which means when a person does a search, they have to scroll to see any organic listings.

As an example, I did a quick search on Google for “Plumbers Auckland”; below was what I got.


google adwords search


As you can see with the first four listings being paid ads, you have to scroll to reach the first organic listing. The remaining listings on the front page will only get 1-2% of the clicks on the front page.

So, to be more visible on Google, you should be running a Google Adwords campaign. That doesn’t need mean you just throw money at it; a carefully constructed campaign can provide you with not only clicks but also valuable insights into what your potential customers are searching for.

If you’re already running an Adwords campaign and feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, or you’re looking to start using Google Adwords, contact us now for a chat to see what Pixelweb can do to help.