Video Marketing Service

Looking to engage your potential customers?

Video is the most compelling way to get your business service / product to potential customers and it is a vital component of your digital marketing effort.

As attention spans diminish and bounce rates go up, it’s vital to get your marketing message across quicker. Pixelweb offer a range of video services including:

  • Short Facebook promo videos.
  • Remarketing video ads.
  • ‘How to’ tutorial videos.
  • Product of service explainer videos.
  • Email marketing videos.
  • Product review videos.
  • Testimonial videos.

The above list is a sample of how we can use video in your marketing efforts; by incorporating more than one form of video into your marketing strategy, you will notice significant business gains in all your marketing streams.

Statistics don’t lie!

Businesses who use video in their email marketing efforts see a 100% rise in CTR (click through rate).

64% are more likely to make a product purchase after watching a video review, compared to just reading text.

Potential customers are 92% more likely to share your product or service video with friends or colleagues.

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